Agile Faculty Workshops and Mentoring Opportunities

Using the framework introduced in Agile Faculty: Practical Strategies for Managing Research, Service, and Teaching, I welcome partnering with faculty, faculty developers, graduate students, and institutions for keynotes and on-campus workshops, individual Scrum-based mentoring, and small-group productivity sprint groups in the summer.

Interested in bringing Agile Faculty to your campus?

I am available for keynotes, 1-2 hour workshops, half-day or full-day group retreats, as well as departmental and programmatic consulting and individual mentoring. I’m happy to lead experiences based on the topics below or to work with you to develop something specific to your needs. Please complete the Contact form for more information.

  • Managing your research agenda and/or research team with Scrum
  • Managing your writing productivity with Scrum
  • Using Scrum planning to plan or revise a course or program
  • Applying Agile approaches to mentoring new faculty
  • Planning for mid-career vitality with Scrum planning techniques
  • Improving student collaboration in group projects with Scrum
  • Supporting self-directed student learning with Scrum
  • Understanding the possibilities of design thinking for innovation in programs and curricula

Looking for a Mentor on Your Path to Faculty Vitality?

Sometimes we all need someone to help us articulate our goals, prioritize our work, push us on the journey, and support our successes. Maybe you want to write more, or rethink your courses, or explore career goals and options. Using the Scrum framework, I can work with you to write personal user stories to set and prioritize goals, create your backlog, and support you through daily Scrum accountability meetings (though weekly rather than daily!); sprint planning, review, and retrospectives; and/or serve as your personal Scrum Master or Product Owner. I’ll begin taking on a small number of mentoring clients at a discounted rate in late Fall 2019 to test the method. Please reach out if you are interested!