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Welcome to the agile academic, a podcast for women in and around higher education. In this first season, I talk with my guests from all over academia about a wide range of topics, from teaching and research, to writing and speaking, to career vitality and burnout and everything in between.

My goal for the show is to interview 100 inspiring women about their experiences pursuing purpose, compassion, connection, and balance in the academy and beyond. Why purpose, compassion, connection, and balance.

So where does my focus on purpose, compassion, connection, and balance come from? They are the four aspects of my life and work that helped me to overcome burnout. I’m writing about it now in a book about burnout and women faculty. In interviewing and doing research for that book, I’ve realized how important these four, let’s call them pillars, shape our professional and personal well-being.

Every Tuesday in this 8 episode season, you can expect a new interview with an agile academic woman from all walks across and adjacent to higher ed. We’ll talk about our stories, compare notes, share insights, and have a laugh. We talk about teaching writing, researching, serving, and generally living as a human in higher education.

Caitlin Faas on Coaching, Self-Care, and Self-Knowledge the agile academic

On this episode, I talk to Dr. Caitlin Faas about side gigs, leaving academia, and the value of self-care and self-knowledge.
  1. Caitlin Faas on Coaching, Self-Care, and Self-Knowledge
  2. Fatimah Williams on Careers, Curiosity, and Entrepreneurship
  3. Leslie Wang on Burnout, Coaching, and Fulfillment
  4. Bonni Stachowiak on Podcasting, Purpose, and Balance
  5. Susanna Harris on Mental Health and Well-Being in Higher Education

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