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Looking for a coach on your path to career vitality? Or a productivity and writing guide to help you achieve your goals?

I believe that personal and professional vitality is built on the principles of purpose, compassion, connection, and balance. I also believe you can improve your productivity and writing with a clear, priority-driven system for success.

Using the frameworks introduced in Agile Faculty: Practical Strategies for Managing Research, Service, and Teaching, my current work on faculty burnout (see Inside Higher Ed article, “Beating Pandemic Burnout“), and International Coaching Federation standards, I’ll partner with you, offering high-achieving women+ faculty and higher ed professionals, educational developers, and institutions a variety of professional development opportunities:

Scrum-based Productivity Coaching
Burnout and Burnout Resilience Programs 
Personalized One-on-One Coaching
Writing Coaching and Groups
Developmental Editing

Enrolling Soon for January Cohort of Professor Burnout Program
Based on my Inside Higher Ed essay and forthcoming book, the six-week Professor Burnout group coaching program is designed to bring together a small community of of high-achieving women+ in higher ed to identify key aspects of burnout and to support one another as we work to build burnout resilience through discussions, activities, and reflection. Learn more here.

Interested in Bringing Agile Faculty Life to Your Campus, Virtually?

(Given current pandemic protocols, all of my services will be offered remotely until further notice.) I am available for keynotes, 1-2 hour workshops, half-day or full-day group retreats, as well as departmental and programmatic consulting and individual mentoring. Given current pandemic protocols, all of my services will be offered remotely until further notice. I’m happy to lead experiences based on the topics below or to work with you to develop something specific to your needs. Please complete the Inquiry Form below.

  • Understanding burnout, and building resilience
  • Pursuing career vitality through purpose, compassion, connection, and balance
  • Planning for mid-career vitality or change with Scrum planning techniques
  • Managing your research agenda and/or research team with Scrum
  • Managing your writing productivity with Scrum
  • Using Scrum planning to plan or revise a course or program
  • Applying Agile approaches to mentoring students and new faculty
  • Improving student collaboration in group projects with Scrum

Curious about Agile Faculty Life? I’d love to chat.

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