One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes we all need someone to help us articulate our goals, prioritize our work, support us on the journey, and celebrate our successes. Maybe you want to write more, or rethink your courses, or explore career goals and options. Or maybe you want to talk through a career transition or connect with someone about burnout.

As a coach, I’ll be your thinking partner to help you better understand yourself, your goals, and your motivations to help you succeed in whatever ways are meaningful to you.

I will be offering a limited number of reduced-price one-on-one coaching sessions in  July 2020: $125 for two 60-minute sessions, and $250 for four 60-minute sessions.

To learn more about my coaching approach and what coaching can do for you, explore the Agile Faculty Life Coaching brochure. Complete the form if you’d like to set up a discovery call to see if we’d make good partners in your professional development!

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