Writing & Developmental Editing

Good writing isn’t just a product–it’s a process and a craft. For journal articles, and specially projects as complex such as a book, book proposal, or other longer written deliverable, process matters. Structure and arguments get more complicated at scale, and a good developmental editor challenges an author in the best possible ways, by providing honest and constructive feedback throughout the writing process, helping the writer articulate key ideas effectively, identifying holes in the argument or narrative that need to be filled, and providing general support.

Put my PhD in rhetoric and professional communication; 20 years’ worth of experience studying, practicing, and teaching writing; and track record of successfully earning contracts for each of my three book proposals submitted to top academic publishers (Chicago and Johns Hopkins) to work for you.

Now accepting a limited number of new editing clients. Contact me through the Inquiry Form for more information or use my Calendly form below to schedule an introductory meeting.

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