#AFSprint January 2018 Writing Sprint Challenge

In the last week, I’ve shared how I wrapped up 2017 intentionally using the Scrum review and retrospective meetings and how I’m using the software development user story format to frame my goals for the first part of 2018 (now through the end of the Spring semester in May). Because I don’t start teaching the … Continue reading #AFSprint January 2018 Writing Sprint Challenge

2017 Scrum Review Using the Daily Scrum Questions

When I look back on 2017, other than political strife and anxiety, my year was really about three professional priorities – piloting the Design Thinking Studio in Social Innovation immersive semester that I co-designed as well as Agile Faculty and reconnecting to my larger goals related to that part of my career. In this post, … Continue reading 2017 Scrum Review Using the Daily Scrum Questions