Creating Strong Teams – Worksheet Wednesday

Welcome back, Agile Faculty! It’s the first Worksheet Wednesday! (OK, I’ve gotten all the exclamation points out of my system, promise!) As I shared in my last post, Wednesdays on the blog are going to be devoted to sharing  worksheets that help us to play with and think through teaching activities, brainstorm ways to approach … Continue reading Creating Strong Teams – Worksheet Wednesday

Strategy – Easy – Exciting – Extreme Ideation

Brainstorming is not the only way to come up with new ideas, especially given that most of us do brainstorming in ways that actually hinder creating better ideas in teams. So here’s one strategy you can use if you want to work with a team or an interdisciplinary group to come up with interesting and … Continue reading Strategy – Easy – Exciting – Extreme Ideation

Agile Faculty on Teaching in Higher Ed podcast

I’ve really come to enjoy listening to podcasts about higher education, and I was excited to be asked by host Bonni Stachowiack to speak about Agile Faculty and Scrum on her popular Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Take a listen here!         You can also find me on the Oregon State University … Continue reading Agile Faculty on Teaching in Higher Ed podcast