Agile Faculty Manifesto – Engaged Learning

This post is part of a summer series looking at the Agile Faculty Manifesto. Read the Manifesto in this series preview post or in Chapter 1 of the book. This post explore what it means to focus on engaged learning. Agile Faculty value engaged learning over passive reception. Some of my classes seem like chaos. … Continue reading Agile Faculty Manifesto – Engaged Learning

It’s Not about Productivity, It’s about Vitality

As I mentioned last week in my “Why I’m Not Sprinting” post, I’m not always Agile. Sometimes my Scrum board becomes the place I fear the most (shout-out to Dashboard Confessional). I will sometimes leaveĀ  projects off the board even though they are taking up much of my time. Even though I’m committed to the … Continue reading It’s Not about Productivity, It’s about Vitality

Why I’m Not Sprinting This Week

“What are you doing over spring break?” I’ve been telling people (and myself) that I would be conducting an #AFSprint writing challenge this week over our spring break to finish a third article on the first Design Thinking Studio in Social Innovation pilot. It took a long time for me to really process the emotional … Continue reading Why I’m Not Sprinting This Week