Using the Daily Scrum Questions

The daily Scrum, often referred to as “stand-up,” is one of the four meetings that frame a sprint in the Scrum process and the only meeting that happens every day. Scrum teams in software development meet every morning of the work week in a pre-defined location in the office to hold the daily Scrum, which … Continue reading Using the Daily Scrum Questions

Question as Agenda

What portion of our days to we spend in meetings? As faculty we attend department and college meetings, committee meetings, meetings with students, meetings with research peer or our writing groups, professional development meetings, etc. But how many of those meetings are well run…or even necessary (certainly meetings with students and research peers are at … Continue reading Question as Agenda

Spring 2018 Scrum Review of Professional Goals

In my January post about planning for 2018 with user stories, I shared three of my epics for the year, related to my work as coordinator of our Professional Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) program, faculty leader of the Design Thinking Studio in Social Innovation, and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning researcher and writer. Below is … Continue reading Spring 2018 Scrum Review of Professional Goals