AF Tips and Strategies Roundup

Looking for quick tips and strategies? Here’s a roundup of the most practical posts on Agile Faculty so far: To Sprint or Not to Sprint Varying Your Scrum Board Writing a Better (User) Story Avoiding the Trap of Idea Hours Features of a Good Group Project Definition of Done Can Student Teams Be Cross-Functional? Publishing … Continue reading AF Tips and Strategies Roundup

What I’m Listening to – Podcast Edition

I’m late to podcasts, thinking for a long time that they were just recordings of NPR radio shows, series like Serial, or Wayne’s World-style pet projects. Yes, pretty uninformed perspective. I really started listening podcasts about two years ago. Trying to find a way to stop fighting with my husband over who controls the radio … Continue reading What I’m Listening to – Podcast Edition

Question as Agenda

What portion of our days to we spend in meetings? As faculty we attend department and college meetings, committee meetings, meetings with students, meetings with research peer or our writing groups, professional development meetings, etc. But how many of those meetings are well run…or even necessary (certainly meetings with students and research peers are at … Continue reading Question as Agenda

Talking Scrum Boards on the YGT Podcast

I really enjoyed chatting with Dr. Katie Linder about Agile Faculty on the Oregon State University E-Campus podcast, Research in Action last month. It’s been great to see folks sharing their excitement about the strategies in the book and showing off their Scrum boards and the ways they’ve modified them – search the hashtag #AgileFaculty … Continue reading Talking Scrum Boards on the YGT Podcast

Can You Get Certified in Scrum as an Academic?

The answer is “yes, kind of.” Two primary organizations offer credentialing in Scrum: Scrum co-creator Jeff Sutherland’s Scrum Alliance and Scrum co-creator Ken Schwaber’s These organizations set the standards and oversee testing for those teaching and pursuing certifications as Scrum Masters, product owners, Scrum professionals, and Scrum trainers. Scrum coach has become a increasingly … Continue reading Can You Get Certified in Scrum as an Academic?