Book Review: inGenius by Tina Seelig

Tina Seelig’s 2015 book inGenuis: A Crash Course on Creativity is just that. A Stanford professor who has been teaching creativity and innovation for over a decade, Seelig persuasively argues that we can find opportunities for innovation everywhere when we are open and curious about the world and people around us. Like other researchers and … Continue reading Book Review: inGenius by Tina Seelig

Fetishizing Success and Failure

I attended the 2018 Conference on College Composition and Communication in Kansas City recently, the largest gathering of instructors and scholars of writing in higher education. I presented on writing and sticky notes in the Design Thinking Studio, but my absolute favorite panel was on rhetorical failure. In rhetoric and writing studies, we often teach … Continue reading Fetishizing Success and Failure

Introducing the Design Thinking Studio

The Design Thinking Studio in Social Innovation is a major pilot program I helped create at my institution that I’d like to share a bit about here now that it’s midterm. In a previous post, I talked about the connections I see between Agile and design thinking approaches, and this program is the result of … Continue reading Introducing the Design Thinking Studio