Teaching What You (Mostly) Don’t Know

Several years ago, I participated in a book group sponsored by our university’s Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL). We read and discussed Therese Huston’s Teaching What You Don’t Know (more recently I read her How Women Decide which I also recommend). We’ve all been in that boat, maybe the department is … Continue reading Teaching What You (Mostly) Don’t Know

It’s Not about Productivity, It’s about Vitality

As I mentioned last week in my “Why I’m Not Sprinting” post, I’m not always Agile. Sometimes my Scrum board becomes the place I fear the most (shout-out to Dashboard Confessional). I will sometimes leaveĀ  projects off the board even though they are taking up much of my time. Even though I’m committed to the … Continue reading It’s Not about Productivity, It’s about Vitality