agile academic 1.6 Sarah Rose Cavanagh

I speak to Dr. Sarah Rose Cavanagh, associate professor of psychology and educational developer at Assumption University. We talk about writing books for academic and general audiences, women supporting women and taking care of your body, not just your mind.

Season 1 Retrospective! the agile academic

In this last episode of season 1 of the agile academic podcast for women in higher ed, I compile my guests' wise words of advice and look t them through the lens of my four resilience pillars: purpose, compassion, connection, and balance
  1. Season 1 Retrospective!
  2. Mary Churchill on Leadership, Collaboration, and the Power of Women Coaching Women
  3. Sarah Rose Cavanagh on Writing, Self-Care, and Connection
  4. Lisa Munro on Taking Opportunities to Live the Way You Want to Live
  5. Michelle Dionne Thompson on Balance, Well-Being, and Rest

View the complete transcript and embedded show notes here.

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