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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Here’s a video of me talking through the Creating Strong Teams worksheet, sharing where the idea came from, how it might be useful for both you in thinking about setting up your student teams for success and for the students themselves to establish ground rules and early group cohesion.

So I sent my Professor Burnout proposal to the publisher I thought most likely to appreciate the potential of the book. After about six weeks of waiting to hear back, I found out they had decided to pass.

Regardless of how you decide to create student teams, an oft-neglected aspect of this process is what happens immediately after you put the students into their groups – giving the students an opportunity to create conditions for success immediately.

So when writing your proposal, do what works for you. But if you feel strongly about the project, write however makes the most sense to you and think about the advice you would give your students on writing. Here are a few of my tips…

So because I love nothing better than a good worksheet, Agile Faculty, I’m declaring every Wednesday Worksheet Wednesday!