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Monthly Archives: September 2019

While different publishers will ask for different things in different forms, there are certainly common elements that will show up in most proposal. The proposal I’m working on is for a faculty development book, rather than a traditional dissertation-turned-monograph or a textbook, but the presses I reference below show examples of various manuscript types.s your thinking about these proposal elements, I recommend reading Rachel Toor’s excellent Chronicle article on book proposals as… Read More

Once you’ve got a solid idea for a manuscript and decided that the topic really does deserve book-length treatment, you’ll want to investigate presses that might be interested in your book idea. You’ll notice this step comes before writing the official book proposal and for good reason: it’s easier to persuade an editor that you project a good fit for the publisher’s list if you know what they offer. Then you don’t… Read More

In this series, I’m talking you through the thought process I’m using to write a faculty development book proposal on burnout. I had the idea, but before I could write a proposal, I had to step back, to decide if the idea was actually a book – and if the calmer, less externally driven new me actually wanted to write another book, let alone one about such a sensitive topic. Essentially, I… Read More

What makes a good book proposal? Before we can answer that question, we have to take another big step back – what is a book proposal? OK, not that far back; let’s go with “what are the content elements of a persuasive proposal?” Before even considering the different proposal sections, you must have confidence that the book you propose is unique, needed, and important in some way. Because from this confidence you… Read More

I never imagined I would write and publish a “real” book (which old me would have considered a proper academic research book) especially when I chose not to even try to turn my dissertation into a monograph. But as I write this at the end of August 2019, I am have submitted my third book proposal, having previously written ones for Agile Faculty and a co-edited collection on innovation in undergraduate liberal… Read More