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Monthly Archives: August 2019

How do you get students engaged and thinking about what they know on the first day of class, especially when most of them just assume you will read the syllabus to them and dismiss early? I use the constellation activity that I first learned in an Agile coaching training course. Constellations are great because rather than asking students to raise their hand an answer questions, you ask them to vote with their… Read More

Interested in doing something different with your syllabus? When we think of syllabi as contracts, we focus less on learning and more on policy – which should evolve from the course and students.Our syllabi can also get unwieldy when we tray to address every problem that came up in an assignment to policy based on past experience teaching a course. That’s about us and not the new students in a course who… Read More

Curricular and course assessment is important to making sure our students are achieving outcomes that align with our teaching objectives for the course. It can also be really dry and take some of the fun out of course planning. Here’s a quick activity to think about objectives and outcomes by putting the students first. With the head, heart, hands activity, you simply imagine what you want your students to think, know, and… Read More

One of my favorite sources for class activities is Gamestorming. While targeted at business and leaders of businesses, many of the activities can be easily adapted for the classroom and committee work (see my review here). I’ve talked in previous posts about how to use user stories for personal planning, and Agile Faculty covers course and assignment design as well. In this post, I want to introduce your to another format from… Read More