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Monthly Archives: July 2019

As I’ve discussed before, the retrospective meeting is the last in the sprint cycle, a time for the team to reflect on their performance in terms of process rather than product. I like retros because they are a built in opportunity for reflection and there are so many activities you can do to keep reflection fresh. Doing a retrospective on the last academic year or the last run of a course can… Read More

OK, so that’s not quite the Bowie lyric, but the changes I want to talk about aren’t strange. They are totally normal career and personal growth changes that I made rationally for my health and my family’s well-being. Sounds dramatic, but it seems like academics need to justify every career move that would be considered perfectly reasonable to non-academics. As I’ve mentioned, I’m coming out of an episode of clinical burnout that… Read More

For a long time, my scholarly mind has been focused on being knowledgeable and achieving excellence in my field and profession (see last week’s post on values). My goal was to be the go-to, recognized expert for something – ultimately, that became Scrum in student collaboration and faculty development. Publishing Agile Faculty was the cherry on top of that quest; I never imagined I’d write a book in the first place. After… Read More

I’ve been thinking about values a lot over the last year. Well, rethinking values. My values. I’ve been working with a few professional and personal development groups, and each of them asked us to articulate our values and how they show up in our lives and work. There are lots of activities you can do to think about your own values, as I talk about in this earlier post (here’s one good… Read More

One of the things that really attracted me to Scrum beyond the project management framework was this attention to humanistic values. While grounded in empirical control theory and based on the core tenet “inspect and adapt,” Scrum practitioners are guided by five core values that, when felt and lived, are supposed to strengthen Scrum teams, empower them for success, and lead to professional and personal development for each team member. These values… Read More