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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Looking for a new book to read on Scrum, faculty life, productivity, creativity, or self-care? Here’s a fast round-up of the texts I’ve reviewed so far (in reverse chronological order): Rest InGenius Gamestorming The Accidental Creative and Die Empty The New Education Story Driven Where Good Ideas Come From Design thinking resources Making Work Visible Essential Scrum Scrum

Brainstorming is not the only way to come up with new ideas, especially given that most of us do brainstorming in ways that actually hinder creating better ideas in teams. So here’s one strategy you can use if you want to work with a team or an interdisciplinary group to come up with interesting and extreme ideas – even the unrealistic ideas usually have a kernel of something exciting in them! Before… Read More

Looking for quick tips and strategies? Here’s a roundup of the most practical posts on Agile Faculty so far: To Sprint or Not to Sprint Varying Your Scrum Board Writing a Better (User) Story Avoiding the Trap of Idea Hours Features of a Good Group Project Definition of Done Can Student Teams Be Cross-Functional? Publishing with Students series Question as Agenda Searching for the Perfect Planner Favorite Tool: The Noun Project

I have never been a skilled graphic designer. Adobe PageMaker was about as good as I could get visually, and that’s been discontinued for years. I’m just not a visual thinker, which I’m totally fine with because there are tools that help me elevate my design abilities without being too cheesy or locked into templates. I started using Canva a couple of years ago as students in my professional writing courses seemed… Read More

I’m writing a book on burnout! Exciting! OK, so not a topic many of us want to talk about, but we need to talk about it now before it happens to more of us. I’ve been through clinical burnout and didn’t know where to turn for advice or support, fearing it would reflect badly on my position at my institution and in my discipline. This book will be the resource I wish… Read More

This is the final post of a series looking at the Agile Faculty Manifesto. Read the Manifesto in this series preview post or in Chapter 1 of the book. This post explore what it means to value collaboration. Collaboration with students, colleagues, and communities over isolated productivity. Collaboration is one of my favorite things to talk about, probably because I resisted it for so long. as that typical Type-A student in high… Read More

Tina Seelig’s 2015 book inGenuis: A Crash Course on Creativity is just that. A Stanford professor who has been teaching creativity and innovation for over a decade, Seelig persuasively argues that we can find opportunities for innovation everywhere when we are open and curious about the world and people around us. Like other researchers and psychologies, she notes that as we lose our sense of play as adults, we miss out on… Read More

How do you decide what you can and can’t accomplish during a summer? We often have big ideas but put too much pressure on ourselves to do an unreasonable amounts of work, which can lead us feeling disappointed when August rolls around. While your instinct may be to estimate in terms of how much time different projects will take, humans are notoriously terrible at estimating time. Estimating by size or complexity can… Read More