Strategy – Easy – Exciting – Extreme Ideation

Brainstorming is not the only way to come up with new ideas, especially given that most of us do brainstorming in ways that actually hinder creating better ideas in teams. So here’s one strategy you can use if you want to work with a team or an interdisciplinary group to come up with interesting and … Continue reading Strategy – Easy – Exciting – Extreme Ideation

AF Tips and Strategies Roundup

Looking for quick tips and strategies? Here’s a roundup of the most practical posts on Agile Faculty so far: To Sprint or Not to Sprint Varying Your Scrum Board Writing a Better (User) Story Avoiding the Trap of Idea Hours Features of a Good Group Project Definition of Done Can Student Teams Be Cross-Functional? Publishing … Continue reading AF Tips and Strategies Roundup

Agile Faculty Manifesto – Collaboration

This is the final post of a series looking at the Agile Faculty Manifesto. Read the Manifesto in this series preview post or in Chapter 1 of the book. This post explore what it means to value collaboration. Collaboration with students, colleagues, and communities over isolated productivity. Collaboration is one of my favorite things to … Continue reading Agile Faculty Manifesto – Collaboration