Agile Faculty on Teaching in Higher Ed podcast

I’ve really come to enjoy listening to podcasts about higher education, and I was excited to be asked by host Bonni Stachowiack to speak about Agile Faculty and Scrum on her popular Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Take a listen here!





You can also find me on the Oregon State University eCampus podcast Research in Action, episode 96 talking about the book.

Agile Faculty is also mentioned in Katie Linder’s podcast You’ve Got This (recently rebranded to The Radical Self-Trust Podcast Channel) when Katie talks about using a Scrum board for organization.

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I teach Professional Writing and Rhetoric in the Department of English at Elon University. Specifically, I teach courses in professional communication and rhetorical theory, publishing, project management, and workplace research methods. My research interests include collaboration strategies in the classroom and workplace, written artifacts that mediate collaboration, and Agile project management strategies. @RPR_Elon on Twitter

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