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Monthly Archives: September 2018

The daily Scrum, often referred to as “stand-up,” is one of the four meetings that frame a sprint in the Scrum process and the only meeting that happens every day. Scrum teams in software development meet every morning of the work week in a pre-defined location in the office to hold the daily Scrum, which Agile coaching guru Lyssa Adkins refers to as a “commitment meeting” rather than a progress meeting. When… Read More

Usually at this time of year, as the new semester gets underway and I reflect on my summer, I would do a solid review of my accomplishments and a retrospective on my successes and shortcomings with respect to my summer goals. As usual, I had a ton of (unrealistic) writing goals in addition to work on projects under contract and assessment activities for the two program I run. It should have been… Read More

Know what’s a little surreal? Being invited back to your undergraduate alma mater to give the opening professional development workshop to the faculty. I had the pleasure of returning to Westminster College (PA) to facilitate the opening professional development workshop of the AY 2018-2019. We spent the morning talking about designing good group projects, assessing group projects, teaching students to effectively collaborate, and using Scrum in both classes and in professional activities… Read More

Superfast book review in a nutshell: I love Gamestorming as a great source of classroom, committee/department, and workshop activities. Most of them just require wall space, sticky notes, and Sharpies as well as a little forethought, and all the activities are designed to be generative – of learning, goals, work, relationships. The book includes games (or activities if you aren’t into gamification) for setting and managing meeting agendas, building common goals and… Read More

I’ve really come to enjoy listening to podcasts about higher education, and I was excited to be asked by host Bonni Stachowiack to speak about Agile Faculty and Scrum on her popular Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Take a listen here!         You can also find me on the Oregon State University eCampus podcast Research in Action, episode 96 talking about the book. Agile Faculty is also mentioned in… Read More