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Monthly Archives: February 2018

When you sit down to plan your sprint backlog or weekly to-do list, how do you estimate what you’ll need to invest to check it off the the list? The most common way would be to think about each item on in terms of how much time it would take to accomplish. Pretty easy to estimate how long it will take to send that important email, give a final polish to an… Read More

It’s Thursday! Time for another edition of the Agile Faculty Book Club. In February, we are focusing on my favorite books related to design thinking and innovation because I’m back to teaching in our Design Thinking Studio in Social Innovation immersive semester pilot program and that’s what I’m thinking about. Today’s post is about Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. If you aren’t familiar with Johnson’s… Read More

The sprint is the basic unit of productive time in Scrum. According to the official Scrum Guide (2017 version), the sprint is “the heart” of Scrum, a period of less than one month during which teams commit to and complete usable pieces of functionality. The sprint is the container for everything else – planning, working, reviewing product and process. Sprints are valuable constraints in any type of knowledge work. Scrum was created… Read More

Every Thursday, I’ll be briefly reviewing a book that I find to be interesting, engaging, and valuable for Agile Faculty. Because the Agile Faculty mindset values exploration, curiosity, and multidisciplinarity, these resources will come from a variety of different areas that speak to a wide range of interests, including higher education, faculty development, Agile and Scrum, design thinking and creativity studies, and social innovation. And I’ll throw in a little bonus review… Read More

I did something last week that I’ve been resisting for a long time – I set up my Spring semester Scrum board with all of the “big things” I’m working on right now – teaching and and championing my Design thinking Studio pilot, serving a major student life work group, shepherding a PWR major proposal through curriculum approvals (something we’ve been fighting to do for 10 years), leading some college innovation activities,… Read More

I really enjoyed chatting with Dr. Katie Linder about Agile Faculty on the Oregon State University E-Campus podcast, Research in Action last month. It’s been great to see folks sharing their excitement about the strategies in the book and showing off their Scrum boards and the ways they’ve modified them – search the hashtag #AgileFaculty on Twitter to see for yourself. So when Katie shared her new found love of Scrum boards… Read More

In a post from December, I covered Scrum board basics. The most basic version of a Scrum board is one that has three columns, one each for Backlog, Work in Progress (WIP), and Done. Let’s take it up a notch today with some tips for personalizing your board: 1. Call the backlog column whatever you want – Projects, Active Now, On Deck (like Dr. Katie Linder does), Priorities, etc. While “backlog” is… Read More